We are experienced operators that provide support and counsel to our portfolio companies. JLM is not a fund. Therefore, we do not have the restrictions of a fund including investment deadlines. Our flexible structure allows us to be strategic on decisions including investing for growth, funding acquisitions, holding, recapitalizing or exiting an investment.

We can move fast to complete even large and complex transactions in the middle market.

Dual Investment Focus

Equity investments of $5 million to $100 million in U.S. Companies with positive cash flow and EBITDA in the approximate range of $5mm to $50mm. We pride ourselves on being creative and flexible. This thoughtful approach allows us to meet the needs of our operating partners needing capital and resources to grow their businesses organically in addition to pursuing strategic acquisitions. We are open to either minority or majority ownership stakes.

JLM identifies innovative healthy lifestyle brands and experienced concepts that resonate with the changing aspirational desires of China’s mainstream consumers. We then partner with those brands to enter, develop and expand across China and Asia through a variety of structures and approaches to include: securing brand and IP license rights, joint venture partnerships, building great teams and bringing capital to those opportunities.

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